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Analyzed feedback for confident communication coaching.
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Yoodli is an AI-powered speech coaching tool that helps users improve their communication skills in a personalized and private setting. The platform provides real-time analytics on a user’s visual, verbal, and vocal delivery, as well as feedback on their filler words, pacing, and word choice.

Yoodli can be integrated into Zoom calls or users can record a speech on the platform’s secure website. After users become more confident, they can then share their speech with friends and coaches and monitor their progress.

Yoodli is trusted by employees at some of the world’s best companies and is the top-ranked public speaking app. Yoodli also offers courses for interview preparation, public speaking, everyday conversations, and corporate presentations to further help users build their confidence.

Yoodli AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized communication coaching
Real-time speech analytics
Feedback on filler words
Feedback on pacing
Feedback on word choice
Zoom integration
Secure speech recording
Speech sharing features
Progress monitoring
Trusted by top companies
Top-ranked public speaking app
Course offerings
Interview preparation help
Public speaking training
Conversational skills improvement
Corporate presentation coaching
Global reach
Free trial available
No credit card needed
Instant analytics
Transcript availability
Built by experts
Visual delivery analytics
Verbal delivery analytics
Vocal delivery analytics
Toastmasters partnership
Useful for product managers
Useful for sales representatives


Zoom-only integration
No mobile app
Lacks multi-language support
Course offerings limited
No offline mode
No API for external software
Transcript accuracy may vary
Lacks team/collaborative features
No real-time coaching
Few use case scenarios


What is Yoodli?
How does Yoodli improve my communication skills?
How can Yoodli be integrated into Zoom calls?
Can I record my speeches on Yoodli’s platform?
Does Yoodli provide feedback on my filler words and pacing?
What analytics does Yoodli provide on my speech?
Can I share my speeches that I've practiced on Yoodli with friends and coaches?
How does Yoodli help users prepare for interviews?
Can Yoodli help with improving everyday conversations?
Does Yoodli offer corporate presentation coaching?
What are the benefits of Yoodli's personalized communication coaching?
How fast is Yoodli's AI analytics in providing feedback for my speech?
How reliable is Yoodli, who else trusts it?
Why is Yoodli ranked as the top public speaking app?
Can Yoodli help me with impromptu speaking?
What kind of visual, verbal, and vocal delivery analytics does Yoodli provide?
Can Yoodli help to improve my word choice?
Is it possible to monitor my progress on Yoodli?
What features of Yoodli are free and which ones are paid?
How does Yoodli work step-by-step?

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