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Excel in your IELTS speaking tests with Flastchat.
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Sample prompts:
Let's begin our practice session with the topic of books.
Could you share some advice on the IELTS speaking test?
Could you share some spoken English words or idioms related to vacation?
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Flastchat IELTS Tutor is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) tool that specializes in aiding users to excel in their IELTS speaking tests. It provides a platform for practice sessions around various topics, like books, vacation, and other elements closely connected to the IELTS speaking examination.

Users of this GPT can not only practice English speaking but they can also seek advice pertaining to their IELTS speaking tests, enhancing their understanding of the test structure and the strategic approach required to perform well.

Flastchat IELTS Tutor employs methods based in tutoring best practices and leverages the power of AI in its interactions, delivering realistic conversational scenarios to effectively aid the user in their pursuit of IELTS speaking proficiency.

This tool requires ChatGPT Plus subscription, indicating that the user experience is augmented by the capabilities of the advanced GPT-based technology.

Flastchat IELTS Tutor is, therefore, a reliable technology-based solution for individuals preparing for the IELTS speaking examination and seeking effective ways to improve their test-taking abilities.


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