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Guides you through IELTS speaking tests.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready for some IELTS speaking practice?
Sample prompts:
Can you give me a mock P1 question?
How would you answer this P3 topic?
Let's do a mock P2 test.
Assess my P3 answer, please.
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English Pal is a GPT specialized in assisting users in their preparation for the IELTS speaking tests. Its primary functionality is based around creating interactive mock testing environments, closely mimicking the conditions of the IELTS speaking tests that students will encounter.

This includes providing practice questions and engaging users in discussion relevant to P1, P2, and P3 IELTS speaking test topics. The GPT is designed to ask for users' responses to these speaking topics, hence fostering a comprehensive practice experience.

Users can also request it to gauge their answers, providing an opportunity for constructive feedback and self-improvement. English Pal emphasizes on fostering user interactions that are close to real test conditions, incentivizing consistent practice and preparation for the exams.

To utilize the tool, it requires users to have ChatGPT Plus, suggesting that it operates as an add-on feature on top of the basic functionalities of ChatGPT.

The intention is to offer a more academic approach to language practice specifically designed to cope with IELTS speaking challenges.


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