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Practice job interviews with feedback.
Generated by ChatGPT

TalkBerry is a tool designed to help individuals improve their English job interview skills with the assistance of an AI hiring manager. The tool allows users to simulate a job interview in a safe and pressure-free environment, providing personalized feedback and suggestions to help users better prepare for future interviews.

TalkBerry operates through voice-based conversations, allowing users to hone their verbal communication skills and receive instant feedback on their spoken English.

The TalkBerry tool is available for free, via the TalkBerry website and can be accessed at any time, anywhere. The tool also generates instant reports with valuable insights into individual strengths and weaknesses to help users better prepare for job interviews.

TalkBerry is powered by ChatGPT, a chatbot technology that facilitates conversations with the AI hiring manager. The tool is easy to use and accessible through various platforms, including a Chrome extension and Discord channel, which enables users to connect directly with the AI hiring manager.

In addition, TalkBerry is constantly updating its platform, with more thrilling scenarios set to be included in the future. Overall, TalkBerry is a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their interview skills and gain more confidence in English language communication.


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Talkberry - mock interview was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Simulates real job interviews
Personalized feedback and suggestions
Voice-based conversations
Instant feedback on spoken English
Available anytime, anywhere
Instant report generation
Insights into user's strengths, weaknesses
ChatGPT powered conversations
User-friendly and easy to use
Accessible on multiple platforms
Available as a Chrome extension
Discord channel for direct connection
Constant updates and improvements
Simulates thrilling future scenarios
Helps improve English communication
Pressure-free environment
Free to use
Helps build interview confidence


Only in English
Limited to job interviews
No mobile app
Internet connection required
Lacks diversified scenarios
Dependent on ChatGPT
No offline use
No Industry-specific feedback
No real human feedback
Limited platforms (Chrome, Discord)


What is TalkBerry?
How does TalkBerry help with interview preparation?
What is the purpose of the AI hiring manager in TalkBerry?
Is TalkBerry free to use?
How does TalkBerry provide feedback on interview practice?
Does TalkBerry only focus on verbal communication skills?
Can TalkBerry be accessed on multiple platforms?
What kind of reports does TalkBerry generate after an interview simulation?
How is ChatGPT integrated into TalkBerry?
Can TalkBerry be used anytime and anywhere?
Are there any upcoming additions to the TalkBerry platform?
How does TalkBerry help in enhancing English language communication?
Can I directly connect with the AI hiring manager on TalkBerry?
What is the purpose of the Discord channel associated with TalkBerry?
Is the TalkBerry Chrome extension essential for using the tool?
Can TalkBerry simulate different interview scenarios?
How does TalkBerry help in identifying individual strengths and weaknesses?
Does TalkBerry provide personalized suggestions for improvement?
Is there any privacy policy for using TalkBerry?
Where can I get support if I face any issues while using TalkBerry?

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