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Personal Interview Assistant with bilingual answers.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Welcome to Interview Ace. 您好!欢迎来到面试高手。
Sample prompts:
What are some interview tips?
Can I get into a certain company with my background?开始模拟面试
What can I do to prepare for the interview?
Need sample interview questions for a position at a certain company
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Interview Ace is a GPT that serves as a personal interview assistant. It aims to assist users in interview preparation, offering bilingual answers in both English and Chinese.

The GPT generates prompts and replies based on various interview-related inquiries. Users can seek advice on interview strategies, explore the probability of being accepted by a certain company depending on their background, and gain insights on how to prepare effectively for an interview.

Additionally, Interview Ace can provide sample interview questions tailored to positions in specific companies. The central objective of this tool is to prepare interviewees, equipping them with helpful advice and insights regarding the interview process.

To access Interview Ace, users will require a ChatGPT Plus subscription. It should be noted that Interview Ace is developed by community builders rather than solely by OpenAI.


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Interview Ace was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 22nd 2023.
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