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ByAlexander Johnson
Educational recruitment coach and mock interviewer.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to ace your interview? Let's get you prepared! 👍
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Upload your CV
Explore the bot's commands
Need interview tips?
Start a mock interview
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InterVU is a GPT designed as an educational recruitment coach and mock interviewer. This web-based tool is designed to simulate the interview process and provide preparation assistance for job applicants.

It can be viewed as an interactive AI-powered career advisor or prep tool exclusively fashioned for interviews. Initially, on interaction with InterVU, the user is welcomed with a warm message: 'Hello! Ready to ace your interview? Let's get you prepared!' This creates a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for applicants beginning their interview journey, reinforcing the tools underlying purpose to bolster interview preparation.InterVU provides several prompt starters to facilitate interaction, each serving a unique function.

'Upload your CV' is a feature that allows users to input their Curriculum Vitae for analysis and receive advice on potential improvements. 'Explore the bot's commands' introduces the user to the different tasks that the tool can perform, effectively guiding them through the bots capacity and potential use cases.

'Need interview tips?' supplies users with suggestions and proven strategies to improve their performance in interviews, empowering users to build confidence and precision in their responses.

'Start a mock interview' initiates a simulated interview scenario, offering users direct interview experience with AI.This GPT streamlines the interview preparation process, enhancing the confidence and competency of job applicants.

It enables users to explore beyond the norms of traditional interview preparation, offering a dynamic, interactive, and personalized way to ready themselves for a successful job interview.


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InterVU was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 6th 2024.
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