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ByBastien Grimaud
Prepares students for competitive finance fields
GPT welcome message: Hey there! Aimed for Investment Banking or PE? Let's ace that interview!
Sample prompts:
How to excel in an Investment Banking interview?
Role-play a Private Equity case study.
Tips for tackling technical questions in finance interviews.
What makes a candidate stand out in competitive finance interviews?
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Finance Coach Interview is a GPT designed primarily to assist students in preparing for roles in competitive finance sectors such as Investment Banking and Private Equity (PE).

Tasked with aiding candidates in acing their respective interviews, this AI tool generates conversations to emulate real-life interview scenarios and provides guidance on how to respond to potential questions.It primarily aims towards ensuring a comprehensive understanding of both Investment Banking and PE, setting the groundwork for successful interviews.

By utilizing role-playing, it prepares users to understand and respond to case studies relevant to Private Equity. Furthermore, the tool also offers insight on dealing with inherent technical questions that might arise in finance interviews and provides advice on how candidates can distinguish themselves in the competitive finance sectors.

At the core of the GPT's functionality are a series of prompt starters. These prompts serve as starting points for topics of discussion and can range from practical advice on excelling in an Investment Banking interview, to strategic tips for navigating technical questions and standing out among other candidates.

The tool enhances not only knowledge and understanding but also sows the seeds for confident presentation and interaction skills. Please note that this AI tutor requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription and those interested will need to sign up for obtaining its advantages.

The learning and practice offered by the tool aim to closely emulate the demanding and high-stakes environment of finance interviews, thereby enhancing preparedness and building confidence.


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Finance Coach Interview was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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