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Generated by ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool designed to support both companies and job seekers in the interviewing process. Its capabilities encompass two primary areas: interview facilitation and candidate screening for businesses, and interview simulation for job seekers, specifically within the arena of Systems Design.

For businesses, the tool enables the screening of candidates at scale for initial interviews, with the ability to adapt its features to reflect specific company requirements or candidate attributes.

The tool's AI can also adjust its tone to mirror a company's candidate experience. Furthermore, the AI tool features full voice interaction with a responsive bot that comprehends candidate replies.

Businesses benefit from instant transcripts, scorecards detailing individual candidate performance, and direct integration of screening outcomes into their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Aggregated analytics offer visualized, collective insights into candidate question and response trends. For job seekers, facilitates simulated software engineering Systems Design interviews, offering instant feedback on user thought processes, diagrams, follow-up queries, and overall solutions.

The tool enables interview customization to focus on specific areas of practice, and also provides performance feedback via instant recordings and a detailed scoring rubric for each question component.


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TechInterviewer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 19th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Supports businesses and applicants
Candidate screening functionality
Interview facilitation features
Focuses on Systems Design
Adaptable features for businesses
Full voice interaction
Understands candidate responses
Instant transcripts for businesses
Scorecards for individual candidates
Integration with Applicant Tracking Systems
Aggregated analytic insights
Interview simulation for job seekers
Offers instant feedback
Ability to customize interviews
Instant recordings for feedback
Detailed scoring rubric
Targeted interview practice
Scales candidate screening
Visualized response trends
Simulated Systems Design interviews
Company-specific candidate evaluation
Style and tone adaptation
Direct screen result integration
Performance feedback for job seekers


Limited to Systems Design
No multi-language support
Lack of manual transcription
Possible data privacy issues
No offline capabilities
No mobile app
May lack industry specificity
No asynchronous interview option
No third-party integrations


What is the main purpose of
How does support businesses in the interview process?
What features does offer for screening of job candidates?
How does adapt its features to reflect specific company requirements?
Can adjust its tone to mirror a company's candidate experience?
Does have voice interaction capabilities?
How does comprehend candidate replies?
What benefits do businesses get from using
What is the Applicant Tracking System integration feature in
How does use aggregated analytics to provide insights?
What does the interview simulation feature offer for job seekers?
How can job seekers get feedback on their performance in simulated interviews using
Can customize interviews to focus on specific areas of practice?
Does provide instant transcripts and scorecards?
What are the functionalities of the bot?
How is used for practicing software engineering Systems Design interviews?
How does the scoring rubric work on
What makes a good tool for businesses hiring?
Is an efficient tool for interview preparation for job seekers?
How does integrate screening outcomes into ATS?

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