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ByNadim Najjar
Comprehensive interview prep with mock interviews and resume reviews.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Interview Coach! Ready to practice for your big interview?
Sample prompts:
Can we do a mock interview for a sales position?
How can I improve my resume for engineering jobs?
What's a good way to answer 'What are your strengths'?
Should I bring a portfolio to my design interview?
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Interview Coach is a GPT that facilitates comprehensive interview preparation. It enables users to familiarize themselves with the dynamics of job interviews through mock interview scenarios.

The tool's prime functionality is to help job aspirants to practice their interview skills in a controlled, simulated environment which can provide honest and immediate feedback on their performance.

Interview Coach is not limited to a specific field or industry and allows preparation for various job roles, such as sales positions or engineering roles.

Prompt starters provided by the tool guide the user through potential interview questions, such as discussing one's strengths in an interview or the appropriateness of bringing a portfolio to a design interview.

Beyond the interviewing stage, Interview Coach also offers functionalities for enhancing job application materials, such as resumes. Focused feedback and critique can be provided upon request, helping users improve the quality of their resumes for any job they are applying for.

This dual feature underscores Interview Coach's broad approach to job interview preparation that covers not only the interview itself but also the stage before the interview process.

To access Interview Coach, users are required to have ChatGPT Plus. The tool is designed in a manner that promotes user-friendly interactions and promotes an environment conducive to learning and improving one's job interview skills.


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Interview Coach was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 12th 2024.
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