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The World's first AI Platform for Medical School Interviews
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⚖️ Test me on a Medical Ethics Q.
🌐 Test me on a Current Affairs Q.
🤝 Test me on a Personal Values Q.
🔥 Test me on a Motivation Q.
🏥 Test me on an NHS Q.
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AVA 1.0 is a GPT designed to prepare users for medical school interviews. Its primary application lies in its ability to simulate interview scenarios, thereby serving as a valuable study tool for prospective medical students.

Drawing on the ChatGPT platform, AVA 1.0 is a step towards automating medical school interview preparation and refining study techniques. It offers trial questions on a range of topics including Medical Ethics, Current Affairs, Personal Values, Motivation, and NHS-related matters, aiming to cover the spectrum of questions likely encountered in actual interviews.

The focus of this GPT is not just factual accuracy but also the development of critical thinking and personal values, aspects that are equally emphasized in medical interviews.

Another unique feature of AVA 1.0 is its prospective upgrade to AVA 2.0 which users can inquire about using the tool itself. Add on services such as 1:1 interview tutoring is also provided, making it a comprehensive platform for meet the interview preparation needs of medical school aspirants.

Though AVA 1.0 is a trial version of the forthcoming AVA 2.0, it is a standalone tool providing an insightful, practical and user-focused experience to its users.


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AVA 1.0 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 3rd 2024.
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