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Ready for your YC interview?
GPT welcome message: Ready for your YC mock interview?
Sample prompts:
I'm ready, let's get started!
Tell me about the interview process.
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The YC Mock Interviewer is a GPT developed with the purpose of training individuals for YC (Y Combinator) interviews. It aims to provide a simulated experience similar to the actual interview scenario, thereby helping prospective candidates to prepare better.

To utilize the tool, users need to sign up, following which they can engage in mock interviews. The welcoming message 'Ready for your YC mock interview?' is designed to situate the user in an interview scenario.

The tool also provides prompt starters like 'I'm ready, let's get started!', and 'Tell me about the interview process.' to make the interaction smoother.

It calls for a structured and simulated conversation flow where the user can learn more about the YC interview process and what to expect, as well as practice and get comfortable with answering potential interview questions.

The GPT operates on the ChatGPT platform and requires access to ChatGPT Plus. Developed by basedash.com, it is a beneficial tool for aspirants seeking to enter the Y Combinator startup ecosystem.


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YC Mock Interviewer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 28th 2023.
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