Log your work in STAR and other formats with AI
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Log4u is a tool designed to assist users in preparing for behavioral interviews through AI-powered work log recording and mock interview practices. The platform allows users to record their work experiences using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format, with assistance provided by the AI.

Users can choose from various formats based on their needs. In addition to logging work experiences, the application generates practice mock interviews using job-specific examples from the logged entries to improve interview performance.

Users' work logs are securely saved on the platform, and they can be edited, viewed, or deleted as desired. To maintain confidentiality, the tool discourages users from inputting any NPI or non-disclosed information.

The platform's AI generates logs in the STAR format based on the user's job title and responsibilities. Once the logs are completed, they can be edited or saved as is.

Moreover, Log4u uses its proprietary, secure AI, LLM model for operations. It also offers a free version of the platform with certain limitations, and ChatGPT calls are limited unless users subscribe to a premium package.


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Log4u was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


STAR format assistance
Multiple format options
Generates mock interviews
Job-specific interview examples
Securely saves work logs
Edit, view, delete entries
Discourages input of NPI
LLM model operations
Free version available
Limited ChatGPT calls
Premium packages available
Secure data storage
Specialized in behavioral interviews
Entry based on job title


Limited ChatGPT calls
Requires premium for unlimited ChatGPT
Discourages from logging sensitive information
No offline mode
Restricted capabilities in free version
Dependent on user's job title
No mobile app
Subscription model not clear
Limited log format options


What is Log4u?
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How does Log4u generate mock interviews?
Are my work logs on Log4u secure?
Can I edit or delete my work logs on Log4u?
What type of information should I avoid inputting on Log4u?
Could you explain what the STAR format in Log4u is?
Does Log4u offer a free version of the platform?
What restrictions does the free version of Log4u have?
Is there a premium package available on Log4u?
What additional features does the premium package of Log4u offer?
How does the proprietary AI, LLM model work in Log4u?
What's the purpose of limitations on ChatGPT calls?
Can I use Log4u for job-specific interview preparation?
Does Log4u offer services for practicing behavioral interviews?
How does Log4u help in improving my interview performance?
What measures does Log4u take to maintain user confidentiality?
Do I need to manually save my logs on Log4u or are they automatically saved?

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