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Mock interviews & speech analysis for interview prep.
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Huru is an AI-powered job interview preparation coach that helps candidates and students to ace their next interview. It offers a wide range of mock interviews covering nearly every career occupation category in the employment market and is tailored to suit the applicant’s specific needs.Huru has a comprehensive selection of features to help you better prepare for the interview, from generating interview questions from postings on popular job boards, to providing instant feedback on your answers.The app also provides speech analysis to help you improve your speaking style and intonation, and offers job interview tips to help you structure your answers and make a good first impression.

Huru also provides live coaching to help you get over your anxiety and display better facial expressions and eye contact.The app records your interviews on your device, so you can watch them back to assess your performance and practice several questions.

With Huru, you can be sure to prepare for an interview with confidence and have the best chance of getting hired.


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Huru was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive feature selection
Generates interview questions
Provides instant feedback
Speech analysis improvement
Job interview tips included
Offers live coaching
Device-based interview recording
Wide occupation coverage
Integrated with top job boards
Simulates company interviews
Over 20K interview questions
In-depth feedback on answers
Offers answer tips
Facial expression training
Assesses hiring chances
Personality analysis
Huru Chrome extension support
On-demand interviews
Supports English language
iOS and Android compatible
Data is locally stored
Doesn't require internet
Helps manage interview anxiety
Navigation friendly UI
Continuous practice support
Expansive mock interview coverage
Prepares for video interviews
Improved communication skills training
Supports learning from mistakes
Track progress over time
Improves self-awareness
Structured interview preparation


Only in English
Limited job categories
Potential privacy issues
Requires high-speed internet
Data storage on device
Limited live coaching
Dependent on popular job boards
No desktop version
Limited OS compatibility


What is Huru?
What features does Huru offer?
How does Huru help with interview preparation?
What is the scope of job categories covered by Huru?
Does Huru provide live coaching?
How does Huru's speech analysis feature work?
How does Huru generate interview questions?
Does Huru record the practice interviews?
Is Huru available on iOS and Android?
How does Huru's immediate feedback feature work?
What is the benefit of Huru's Interview tips feature?
Does Huru provide a chance to be hired analysis?
What job boards does Huru support for generating interview questions?
How does the answer tips feature on Huru work?
How can Huru help to improve non-verbal communication skills?
Does Huru offer simulated company interviews?
Does Huru support other languages besides English?
Where are the interview recordings stored by Huru?
Does Huru offer any guides or tips for job interview preparation?
Can I use Huru to prepare for different types of interviews?

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