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ByAshutosh Shrivastava
Your personal career preparatory assistant.
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I've attached my CV, Analyze it and suggest some improvements.
Here's the job description; what questions should I expect?
What key skills should I highlight for [industry]?
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Interview Wizard GPT works as a personal career preparation assistant, with the goal of enhancing job interview skills and professional development of its users.

The tool primarily accomplishes this by finely-tuning user's ability to answer interview questions while bringing about enhancements based on their resume and the descriptions of jobs they're interested in.

The functionalities include analyzing resumes to suggest improvements, preparing users by helping them anticipate the questions they can expect based on the provided job description, and advising on key skills to highlight for specific industries.

These professional insights could also assist users in tailoring their applications and interview responses to increase their chances of success. To access its services, it requires users to sign up through the associated ChatGPT platform.

Notably, this GPT offers prompt starters to aid users in engaging with the tool, and it features a welcome message to provide initial guidance, making the interaction approachable and user-friendly.


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Interview Wizard GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 11th 2024.
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