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ByYuhang Zhang
Mock interviews for tech roles with real-time feedback.
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Sample prompts:
Ask me a coding question for my MLE interview.
What's a common behavioral question in software development interviews?
Give me a data structure problem to solve.
How should I explain my research experience in an interview?
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Tech Interview Coach is a GPT designed for individuals preparing for technical interviews in fields such as Machine Learning Engineering, research and software development roles.

It operates by providing practice interviews and generating insightful feedback to improve the user's interviewing skills. Tech Interview Coach is conveniently usable as an addition to ChatGPT and necessitates a ChatGPT Plus subscription for usage.

It simulates interview scenarios for users by asking coding questions, common behavioral questions that may be encountered in software development interviews, or problems related to data structures.

It can also assist in structuring an explanation of one's research experience for a technical interview. Its main purpose is to immerse users in simulated technical interviews in an efficient and effective manner.

The part of its capabilities that stands out is its interactive aspect that helps users prepare for the versatile nature of interviews in the tech industry, an integral part of getting hired in these competitive roles.


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