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BySiqi Zhu
Assists in preparing for tech company interviews.
GPT welcome message: Ready to ace that tech interview? How can I assist?
Sample prompts:
How do I answer behavioral questions?
What are common technical interview questions?
Can you review my resume for a tech job?
Tips for a successful tech interview?
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!Interview Coach is a GPT designed to assist users in preparing for tech company interviews. This GPT is intended to provide guidance to individuals looking to excel in technical interviews with potential employers.

It is capable of providing valuable assistance such as providing prompt starters on commonly addressed areas like how to answer behavioral questions, what are the typical technical interview queries, and how it can review resumes for tech jobs.

It may also provide tips for a successful tech interview. Its interactive nature allows for a two-way discussion, giving users a chance to have a tailored practice, strengthening their preparation process.

!Interview Coach functions on top of ChatGPT and requires sign-up through the ChatGPT Plus to be accessible. By offering extensive and precise guidance on key interview elements, this GPT streamlines the process of preparing for tech interviews, enhancing the user's readiness and increasing the potential for successful outcomes.


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