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FALTAH is a tool designed to assist individuals in preparing for interviews by simulating real interview experiences. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, FALTAH analyses user's competences, personality traits, and offers tips for CV optimization.

The tool offers various features including behavioral interview and skills reports, which are designed to identify strengths and areas requiring improvement.

Notably, it provides analysis of five primary personality traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.Another significant feature is the Performance report which offers insights into job-related and technical skills and offers real-time feedback to improve the response quality during the simulation.

It helps the users understand what to expect in real interviews and reduces anxiety by providing customized feedback from AI assistants to improve overall performance.FALTAH also offers a feature known as CV Parsing and Report.

This provides a CV score and feedback report to users, suggesting improvements to better match the job description they are applying for. This tool also allows users to gain valuable insights about their CV from AI, enhancing their chances of securing job opportunities.The FALTAH interview simulator is beneficial for a range of users, from students and recent graduates to job seekers and remote workers, helping them effectively prepare for future interviews.

Overall, FALTAH is an AI-driven tool to enhance a user's competency and readiness for job interviews.


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FALTAH was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 21st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Simulates real interview experiences
Analyses user's competences
Personality traits analysis
CV optimization suggestions
Behavioral interview reports
Skills report feature
Performance improvement insights
Real-time feedback
Increases job-related skills
Enhances technical skills
Reduces interview anxiety
CV Parsing and Report Feature
Feedback for CV improvement
Beneficial for all job-seekers
Identifies strengths and weaknesses
Insights into five primary personality traits
CV score feature
Beneficial for remote workers
Beneficial for recent graduates
Improves overall interview performance
Clarifies real interview expectations
Tailored interview questions
Improves problem-solving skills
Improves communication skills
Improves teamwork skills
Adaptability skill analysis
Job description-related CV improvements
Fosters job readiness
Increases user competency
User-friendly interface
Helps to stand out in interviews
Personalized interview simulation
Boosts performance commitment
Translates job description to CV
Helps choose appropriate job description
Detailed report about CV parts
Personality Analysis Report Feature
Performance Report Feature
Behavioral Interview Skills Report Feature
Aids virtual job interviews
Improves answers in real-time
Enhances interview confidence


No mobile app
No multi-language support
No offline mode
Limit to CV uploads
No API integration
No scheduling feature
No custom mock interview creation
No support for multiple CVs per user
Limited personalization options
No collaboration features


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How does the Performance report on FALTAH help improve my responses?
How does FALTAH analyze my personality traits?
What is 'CV Parsing and Report' in FALTAH?
Can FALTAH help me optimize my CV?
How can FALTAH help me prepare for real-life interviews?
Who can benefit from using FALTAH?
Does FALTAH offer real-time feedback during interview simulations?
What sorts of job-related and technical skills does FALTAH's Performance report cover?
Does FALTAH provide a CV score and if so, what does it mean?
How does FALTAH help to reduce anxiety before interviews?
How can FALTAH assist remote workers or freelancers preparing for interviews?
How is the interview simulation experience on FALTAH?
Does FALTAH provide personalized feedback aside from AI-generated feedback?
How are the interview questions on FALTAH tailored?
What are the 'Five Big Personality Traits' that FALTAH analyzes?
Does using FALTAH guarantee a job?

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