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ByAshalesh Tilawat
Practice behavioral interviews with feedback.
GPT welcome message: I'm your Behavioral Interview Coach. Can you give me some context for the interview you'd like to practice for?
Sample prompts:
I want to conduct a mock interview.
I have a question about behavioral interviewing.
I don't know how to answer a specific question.
I need a guide on how to prepare for an interview.
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The Behavioral Interview Coach is a GPT tailored to assist users in preparing for behavioral interviews. The tool provides a simulated interview experience, allowing users to receive real-time feedback on their responses.

The GPT is designed to initiate discussions on specific behavioral interview aspects and offers guidance on how to address certain interview questions.

It can also give advice on the overall preparation process for an interview, assisting individuals in organizing their thoughts and benchmarking their performance against typical expectations.

By maintaining an interactive conversation, the Behavioral Interview Coach retains a sense of authenticity and delicacy seen in a real interview scenario.

It aims to enhance the user's ability to articulate their skills, experiences, and comportment, ultimately refining their interview skills. The GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for operation.

Sign up to access this tool and begin the process of practicing for behavioral interviews. The Behavioral Interview Coach GPT creates a supportive environment that fosters interview preparedness and confidence ahead of any behavioral interview.


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Behavioral Interview Coach was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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