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ByManish Chawla
Prep for interviews with AI insights.
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Sample prompts:
create a simple fetch using dummy api url component in reactjs to show the multiple user card?
JS palindrome, Anagram, prime number?
what is redux?
what is difference class and functional component in line?
what is in promise js and ractjs?
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Interview Insight 3.5 is a GPT which is primarily utilized in preparing for interviews by leveraging the advanced capabilities of GPT-3.5. This tool offers a pre-interview preparation experience that is driven by AI insights, helping users to better plan and prepare for various types of interviews.

The GPT platform it is built on, ChatGPT, is required to access the tool. The purpose of Interview Insight 3.5 is to help the user ace their interviews.

It does this by providing them with a diverse range of prompts and questions that they might encounter during an interview process. These prompt starters span across different kinds of technical topics, including common concepts in web development such as ReactJS, Redux, promises in JavaScript, and other staples of modern web development.Moreover, this tool can help users create a simple fetch using dummy API URL components in ReactJS to show multiple user cards, understand the difference between class and functional components, and demonstrate awareness of various fundamental programming concerns including palindromes, anagrams, and prime numbers.

In conclusion, Interview Insight 3.5 is a versatile AI-powered tool that takes advantage of the technology behind GPT-3.5 to provide effective and interactive pre-interview preparation focused on a broad range of technical concepts.

Interview Insight 3.5 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 12th 2024.
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