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Sample prompts:
Can you teach me some basic greetings in Japanese?
What is the particle 'wa' used for?
Could you explain the difference between 'kudasai' and 'onegaishimasu'?
How do I count to ten in Japanese?
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Japanese Tutor is a GPT created to assist users in acquiring and improving Japanese language skills. It is a tool that bridges the gap between a traditional language class setup and self-paced learning, designed to guide learners through their Japanese learning journey.

By utilizing the capabilities of ChatGPT, Japanese Tutor enables interactive learning experiences and provides immediate responses to language-related inquiries.

Its features are crafted to simulate the experience of having a personal language tutor, thereby fostering a user-friendly environment for language acquisition.

The GPT provides lesson starters and suggestions to drive active learning, such as teaching basic Japanese greetings, elucidating the role of important particles like 'wa', explaining the difference between common phrases 'kudasai' and 'onegaishimasu', and guiding learners on how to count in Japanese.

It is not limited to just these topics but covers broader aspects of the Japanese language. Japanese Tutor offers an engaging approach that encourages users to actively participate, thereby playing a critical role in their Japanese language learning process.

This GPT is significant to those interested in taking a more active, individualized role in their language learning journey.


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