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Enhance retention and provide personalized support.
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Shiken is an all-in-one learning app designed to enhance learning experiences and improve retention. It combines various features such as AI tutoring, quizzes, mindfulness, and game design to create an engaging learning environment.

The app offers gamified learning, allowing users to play solo or with friends, live or at their own pace. Progress is saved to the cloud, and users have the opportunity to customize their learning sessions and unlock study buddies.Mindfulness techniques are integrated into the app to help learners reduce stress and improve focus.

Users can access features like mindfulness goals, pomodoro breaks, and daily quotes to stay motivated. They can also set their own learning and mindfulness goals, with Shiken tracking their progress along the way.The app includes a note-taking tool specifically designed for learning purposes.

Users can create smart notes in the cloud, bookmark questions, and add them to their notes to revisit them later. The app also offers a learning marketplace called the Shiken Store, where users can access expert-verified question sets, exams, flashcards, and courses across a wide range of topics.Shiken utilizes AI technology to enhance the learning experience.

It provides AI chat support, customizable prompts, and expert-crafted explanations to help users understand and retain information. The app also incorporates a spaced repetition system to intelligently support users' learning goals.Overall, Shiken aims to make learning fun, engaging, and effective by providing a comprehensive set of tools and features in one convenient platform.


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Pros and Cons


Gamified learning experiences
Progress saved to cloud
Customizable learning sessions
Study buddies feature
Mindfulness techniques integration
Provides daily motivational quotes
Goal-setting and tracking
Cloud-based note taking
Bookmark and revisit questions
Learning marketplace - Shiken Store
Expert-verified academic resources
Detailed, expert-crafted explanations
Spaced repetition for better retention
Learning-focused note-taking tool
Easy note snapshots from mobile
Flashcard creation and customization
Interactive image hotspot questions
Speech practice for spoken exams
Mobile and desktop compatibility
Interleaved quizzes and assignments in courses
Live and self-paced challenges
Avatars and leaderboards for motivation
Guided meditation for learners
Daily progress and performance tracking
Comprehensive subject and topic selection
Subjects and topic-based goals creation
Intelligent learning goals support
Free and premium courses availability
Quick access to quizzes, courses, exams
Complementary tool to classroom learning
Supports collaborative, multiplayer learning
Accommodates learning for schools and workplaces
Remote learning-friendly
Facilitates professional training and onboarding
Free trial for premium tier
Learning retention through active recall
Personalized learning needs and preferences
Integrated analytics to track learning patterns
Multi-device and cross-platform support
Conversation practice with study bots
Competitive versus traditional learning tools
Expert assistance for effective study
Ability to create your own questions
Allows inclusivity of various learning types


Inbuilt mindfulness less refined
Store lacks diversity
Note-taking tool basic
Spaced repetition system unoriginal
Gamified experience can distract
Progress tracking can be imprecise
Learning goals rarely customizable
Daily quotes too generic


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What Mindfulness techniques are integrated in Shiken?
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What types of quizzes does Shiken support?
Are there any social features in Shiken such as playing with friends?
How does Shiken's learning marketplace differ from others?
Does Shiken support multitasking and progress saving to the cloud?
What kind of learning material can I find on Shiken?

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