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Recruited for ML roles.
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The AI and Machine Learning Recruiting Company is a US-based agency that specializes in sourcing top talent for positions related to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

They offer staffing services to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to global enterprises. The agency has a proven track record of sourcing highly qualified candidates for open roles and managing the hiring process, including handling technologies like machine learning and computer vision.

The agency has a network of contacts in the industry to help clients find the right fit and stand out in the competitive job market. They also offer smart staffing solutions which are beneficial for clients who do not have the necessary skills to fill a position.The agency provides solutions for AI and ML recruiting companies, tech sales recruiting, UX recruiting, and blockchain recruiting.

They pride themselves on being an expert in AI and ML, implying that their experienced team knows precisely what AI and ML talent is required and is skilled at sourcing and placing AI and ML talent more efficiently than traditional staffing firms.

The agency offers rapid AI and ML talent acquisition through their razor-fast AI and ML staffing approach. The company appears to be customer-centric and values quality over quantity, with an average rating of 4.89/5 on Trustpilot.


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Razoroo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Specialized in ML recruitment
Serves various organization sizes
Proven track record
Manages hiring process
Network of industry contacts
Offers smart staffing solutions
Rapid talent acquisition
ML and UX recruiting
Blockchain recruiting
Customer-centric approach
High average rating
Handles advanced technologies
Fastest growing technical recruiting
Next day recruitment kickoff
Handles research and hiring
Helps stand out in competition
Tech sales recruiting
Kubernetes recruiting
Highly rated on Trustpilot


No international presence
Not industry-diverse
Lack of pricing transparency
No online job portfolio
No candidate care program
Limited to technical roles
No educational resources
Website lacks user-friendliness
Lack of client testimonies
No mobile app


What services does Razoroo offer?
What is Razoroo's approach to AI and ML recruitment?
How does Razoroo source candidates for AI and ML roles?
What is Razoroo's track record in hiring for AI and ML positions?
What kinds of companies does Razoroo typically work with?
What other industries does Razoroo recruit for besides AI and ML?
How does Razoroo's expertise in AI and ML benefit the recruitment process?
What is the 'razor-fast' AI and ML staffing approach?
Does Razoroo offer any other staffing solutions?
How does Razoroo stand out from traditional staffing firms?
What is the average rating of Razoroo based on Trustpilot?
What geographical areas does Razoroo cover?
Is Razoroo experienced in handling technologies such as machine learning and computer vision within recruitment?
How does Razoroo manage the hiring process?
How can Razoroo help a company which doesn't have the necessary skills to fill a position?
What is involved in the process of partnering with Razoroo for hiring needs?
In what scenarios could it be beneficial to hire through Razoroo?
How does Razoroo help candidates stand out in the competitive job market?
Does Razoroo offer services for blockchain and crypto recruiting?
How successful is Razoroo in placing AI and ML talent compared to conventional tech staffing firms?


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