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LegWork is an AI-powered Recruitment tool that is designed to streamline hiring processes. The platform leverages artificial intelligence to automate a variety of processes often completed manually in the recruitment pipeline.

Features include candidate screening, interview scheduling, and offer management. LegWork screens candidate applications and resumes, starting a conversation to verify information and context related to candidate experiences.

The AI-driven platform can assign scores to candidates, facilitating the identification of most suited candidates for job openings. Interviews with top-ranked candidates can be scheduled automatically.

LegWorks offer handling tool allows for a more efficient approach to sending job offers by enabling AI-driven automation, thus potentially leading to quicker talent acquisition.

The platform also offers a tool that creates branded job boards by utilizing AI to extract features from a provided company URL. The platform features a 'hiring command centre', providing unique user experiences tailored to specific roles within the recruitment process, including recruiters, hiring managers, and executives.

LegWork also promotes internal growth, with the feature to offer internal job boards within an organization. In summary, LegWork is an advanced AI-enabled recruiting solution aiming to optimise recruitment processes, improve candidate experience and significantly save time for relevant stakeholders.


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LegWork was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates recruitment processes
Automates candidate screening
Efficient talent acquisition
Creates branded job boards
Produces hiring command centre
Tailors user experiences
Facilitates internal growth
Screens applications and resumes
Verifies candidate information
Scores candidates automatically
Automates interview scheduling
Enables quicker hiring
Enhances candidate experience
Saves significant time
Analyzes company URLs
Pre-screens candidates
Efficient candidate scoring
Handle offers automatically
Centralized for all stakeholders
No need for designers
Promotes transparency in teams
Internal job boards feature
Improves pipeline quality
Aesthetically pleasing interface
Short wait time
Unique recruitment experiences


No mobile app mentioned
Lacks integrations with professional networks
No mention of analytics features
No information on data privacy/security
No live chat support listed
Limited personalization capabilities
Automated scoring may miss niche talent
No mention of collaborative features for hiring teams


What is LegWork?
How does LegWork automate hiring processes?
What features does LegWork offer?
How does LegWork screen candidate applications and resumes?
Can LegWork score candidates?
Can LegWork automate interview scheduling?
How does LegWork handle job offers?
Can LegWork create branded job boards for a company?
What is LegWork's 'hiring command center'?
Can LegWork facilitate internal growth within a company?
How does LegWork use AI to improve the recruitment process?
How is LegWork different from other recruitment tools?
How does LegWork's AI-driven recruitment solution save time for stakeholders?
What are the advantages of using LegWork to recruit top talent?
How does LegWork extract features from a company URL to create job boards?
How effective is LegWork's candidate screening process?
Does LegWork customise user experience based on specific roles?
Can I schedule interviews with top-ranked candidates automatically on LegWork?
Does LegWork offer any analytics to track the recruitment process?
What does LegWork do to promote internal job boards within an organization?

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