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Efficient and unbiased hiring integration.
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Syft is an AI-powered candidate search integration tool designed to enhance the efficiency of your existing ATS or CRM system. By seamlessly integrating into your current tools and workflows, Syft aims to significantly reduce your time to hire.

One of Syft's key features is its ability to remove bias from the early selection process. With the help of AI, it ensures that diversity is prioritized, enabling you to make unbiased decisions when selecting the best candidates for your team.

Moreover, Syft offers multilingual parsing capabilities, allowing it to process job descriptions and CVs in over 50 languages. This feature ensures that language is not a barrier when sourcing talent, making it suitable for businesses operating in non-English-speaking countries.

The tool also helps you save time, money, and effort by efficiently identifying the most suitable candidates within seconds. Instead of manually sifting through numerous unsuitable resumes, Syft streamlines the search process, enabling you to focus on the top-quality candidates who align with your requirements.

Additionally, Syft's Candidate Match feature enables you to locate applicants who possess skills and experience similar to your existing team members, ensuring a cohesive and complementary workforce.

Overall, Syft offers a powerful AI-driven solution that enhances candidate sourcing and selection processes, promoting diversity, saving time, reducing bias, and facilitating efficient hiring practices.


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