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Maximize success with predictive exams and advanced study tools.
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GradesAI is an educational AI tool designed to enhance study efficiency and improve student grades. It creates personalized study plans for students based on their syllabus, class outline, historical data, and hundreds of other data points, all processed with the GradesAI algorithm.

This tool can predict the material to be encountered on exams, generate custom practice tests, quizzes, flashcards, and summaries. GradesAI even offers support in writing essays and crafting articulate text, contributing to an all-encompassing seamless study experience.

Another significant feature includes the ability to provide instant feedback and insights on the student's performance and progress, focusing on individual strengths and weaknesses.

It also accommodates students' different learning styles and preferences while establishing tailored, achievable goals. This web-based application can generate notes for a specific course just through the course code or class name and offers a user-friendly dashboard where students can monitor their scores and performance history.

The GradesAI algorithm also creates flashcards to help memorize key concepts and facts crucial for each topic.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized study plans
Predictive exam material
Generates practice tests
Creates flashcards
Summarizes study material
Writing and text crafting
Instant feedback
Insights on student's performance
Supports different learning styles
Sets achievable goals
Can generate course notes
User-friendly dashboard
Tracks performance history
Interactive study tools
Automated note creation
Adapts to student needs
Visual displays of scores
Guidance for essay writing
Produces detailed study guides
Solves complex math equations
Offers collaborative study platform
In-app peer-to-peer messaging
Grammar correction for essays
Creates digital workspace
Translates class outlines to notes
Generates outlines from course codes
Real-time tutor support
Language translation feature
Extracts vocabulary from text
Instant homework feedback


Limited to academic subjects
No offline mode
Might require high internet bandwidth
Requires frequent data updates
Accuracy depends on data quality
Flashcards generation might be generic
May lack comprehensive essay support
Prediction accuracy may vary
Not suitable for young learners
Limited collaboration features


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