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FactJano is a fact-reading app that offers interesting and random facts daily. It is designed to boost your knowledge with relevant trivia and informative insights on a wide array of topics, ranging from AI and tech to nature, science, movies and much more.

The tool is user-friendly with a simple and appealing UI, making it accessible to everyone.What distinguishes FactJano as a unique tool is its AI-powered function.

This function allows users to cross-verify any facts and discover more about any topic. The app supports facts in diverse categories, thus offering users an endless stream of knowledge to explore.FactJano also offers daily facts, facts about the world, and 'Did you know facts'.

It features an innovative coin system where users can earn coins by maintaining a daily streak on the app. These coins can be used to purchase a premium subscription.For optimal user experience, users have the ability to customize their interface by selecting different themes, font options, and a data saver mode.

Additionally, premium users can listen to the facts, adding another layer of accessibility and convenience. Users can like, bookmark, and share facts with their network.To ensure accuracy and validity of the content, the app allows users to report a fact that seems incorrect.

FactJano is committed to provide accurate and enriching content that aids in expanding its users' knowledge. The app offers content in two languages - English and Hindi - and updates you with a new fact of the day, every day.

The app offers personalized facts on the dashboard based on your interested categories, while still granting the opportunity to request facts in any category.


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Pros and Cons


Daily facts offering
Supports diverse categories
Cross-verification feature
User-friendly UI
Innovative coin system
Daily streak rewards
Interface customization
Themes and fonts selection
Data saver mode
Facts voice-over feature
Like, bookmark and share
Fact accuracy reporting
English and Hindi support
Personalized dashboard facts
Fact-requesting feature
No data shared with third parties
Data encrypted in transit
User data deletion request
Two layout options
Limited ads for free users
Coin redemption for premium
Content source links
Educational and entertaining
Endless knowledge stream
Fun and trivia facts
Facts useful for content creators
Category-specific facts
Daily new facts
Interesting facts for knowledge expansion


Limited language support
Requires premium for audio
Not updated with recent facts
Dependant on online sources
Slow animation speed
No going back feature
Relies on coin system
Functionality requires constant connectivity
Limited categories
Limited platform support


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