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Your voice-focused language teacher for interactive speaking practice.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Let's start our voice-based language practice.
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Ready to practice speaking in French?
Let's switch to voice mode for our German lesson.
Can you repeat this phrase in Spanish for me?
How do I pronounce this word in Italian?
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Your Lingo AI Coach is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) specifically designed as a voice-focused language teacher for interactive speaking practice.

This tool utilizes a voice-based approach to facilitate the learners interaction rather than merely reading or writing texts. It works with an easy operational system, providing an intuitive interface for users to communicate.

Firstly, the tool requires the user to download the app and enable the voice feature by tapping the headphone button located next to the chat window. Following this, the user can select their preferred voice for interaction.

Finally, the user may select the desired language to learn and initiate their learning process. The language learning application promises interactive sessions, allowing instant switching to voice mode, facilitating phrase repetitions in different languages, and pronunciation clarifications.

Please note that usage of this GPT requires a subscription to the ChatGPT plus service. This tool is a product of offering an engaging and innovative method to learn new languages, perfect for language enthusiasts or individuals looking to broaden their linguistic abilities.


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