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Autodidact is a sophisticated GPT that operates as an artificial intelligence-based learning tool. It's designed with a primary objective of enabling users to enhance their knowledge and skills across a myriad of subjects.

This GPT aids the user in creating a personalized learning plan based on their areas of interest. Users can interact with Autodidact via queries or requests, and the tool effectively guides them through their learning journey with high-content relevance and accuracy.

Autodidact uses a variety of educational sources to generate comprehensive and meaningful responses or learning materials. To interact with this GPT, users provide input regarding the subject or topic they would like to study, or they can ask the GPT about its educational sources, and even inquire about how the GPT functions.

Autodidact is especially useful for individuals who are self-learners, wishing to supplement their formal education, or those who enjoy learning new subjects in their free time.

This tool necessitates a ChatGPT Plus subscription and users are required to sign up before accessing its features. Overall, Autodidact is a GPT that promotes self-learning and intellectual growth in an accessible and user-friendly manner.


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