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Personalized tutoring in any subject and educational level.
Sample prompts:
How does this work?
Let's start.
Hi TutorAI, can you help me understand algebra?
I'm struggling with my chemistry homework
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TutorAI is a GPT designed to provide personalized tutoring across a wide spectrum of subjects and educational levels. Its purpose is to assist students in understanding and solving educational challenges, whether they are struggling with algebra problems or finding chemistry homework difficult.

It seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT and is leveraged on top of it, requiring ChatGPT Plus for functionality. Users sign up to chat with TutorAI, demonstrating its interactive nature.

The GPT acts as an on-demand, digital tutor, providing educational support whenever needed. Supplementary to its tutoring capabilities, TutorAI also offers features to clarify its working mechanics to its users.

For instance, it can handle prompt starters like 'How does this work?' or more subject-focused queries such as 'Hi TutorAI, can you help me understand algebra?'.

It emphasizes adaptability and user-specific instruction, making it a versatile tool for learners from different educational backgrounds and expertise levels.


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