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ByAdam J Alzaim
Guiding you in learning and understanding HTML coding.
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HTML Tutor is a GPT specialized in facilitating the learning and understanding of HTML coding. Conceptualized and developed by Adam J Alzaim, this GPT revolves around fostering a comprehensive and intuitive approach to HTML, a prominent markup language used for structuring web content.

HTML Tutor is integrated with ChatGPT Plus for improved interaction and efficiency. The GPT has a welcome message feature engineered to ensure interactive learning by prompting timely interactions such as, 'Hello, ready to learn HTML?'.

Along with the in-depth guides, this GPT is designed to offer prompt starters such as 'Hello!' to make HTML learning more engaging for users. As a super-intelligent cataloguing AI tool, HTML Tutor enables users to methodically explore and master HTML coding, creating an accessible learning experience beneficial for both beginners and intermediate users intending to refine their skills.

Given the widespread use of HTML in the digital landscape, this GPT is a substantial resource for anyone seeking to grasp the intricacies of HTML coding.


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