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Custom skill acquisition platform.
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The Skills Up app is an AI-powered learning platform that provides personalized video-based learning experiences. It offers a wide range of curated YouTube videos and interactive quizzes to help users acquire new skills and knowledge.

With an easy-to-use interface, users can dive into various topics, including coding languages like Python and design concepts like CSS.The app employs an AI-driven platform, utilizing GPT-3 technology, to understand users' preferences and interests.

By prompting users to specify their desired learning topics and subtopics, Skills Up generates customized video playlists that cover the full spectrum of their chosen subjects.

Users can access these videos seamlessly within the app, ensuring uninterrupted learning experiences.Additionally, Skills Up enables users to test their knowledge with tailored quizzes.

Users can specify the subject and the number of questions they want, and the app will generate a customized quiz accordingly.The app offers both a free plan and a premium plan for enhanced features.

The free plan allows users to discover content and provides limited credits for generating videos and quizzes. The premium plan, available at a monthly cost, offers more credits, access to GPT-4 technology for improved accuracy, and analytics for quizzes.Overall, the Skills Up app empowers users to unlock their potential by providing a comprehensive and personalized learning experience, making it an ideal tool for individuals seeking to acquire new skills and knowledge.


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