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Guiding you in a magical word game with a twist!
GPT welcome message: Welcome to the Word Wizard's game! Enter your username (max 16 chars, single line) to start!
Sample prompts:
What is the current status of the word?
Set username and message
How to play?
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Word Wizard is a GPT that offers a unique word game experience. This tool is designed to engage users in a language-based game, which incorporates an interesting twist to enhance the challenge and fun.

Core features include setting a username, examining the current word status, and learning how to play the game.To participate in the Word Wizard game, users begin by creating an account and setting up a username with a maximum character limit of 16.

Following this, users can directly interface with the tool to initiate gameplays, using the command 'Set username and message'.During the game, the tool assists users by answering queries related to the gameplay.

They can use the command 'What is the current status of the word?' to check on their word status during an ongoing game. This utility allows the users to plan their next move based on their current standing in the game.To learn more about how to play the game, users can ask 'How to play?'.

With an emphasis on user-friendliness, Word Wizard duly guides the users on how to navigate and proceed with the game, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable experience.Word Wizard is integrated with the chat interface of ChatGPT Plus.

This requires users to have an active ChatGPT Plus subscription to access and play the game. Thus, Word Wizard integrates fun with learning and facilitates a stimulating gaming environment, making it a compelling choice for users seeking entertainment and a novel way to enhance their vocabulary skills.


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