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ByMr B E Hamilton
Creating themed spelling lists for teenagers.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Give me a theme, and I'll create a spelling list for you.
Sample prompts:
Generate a spelling list about space.
Create a spelling list themed on ancient civilizations.
Produce a spelling list related to environmental science.
Develop a spelling list focusing on modern technology.
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Charlotte's Web is a GPT that offers users an innovative way to learn vocabulary targeted at teenagers between the ages of 13 and 16. This tool has been designed to generate themed spelling lists that progressively increase in complexity as users continue to engage with it.

Upon receiving input, such as theme or subject matter, it formulates a spelling list based on it. The uniqueness of the this GPT lies in the fact that it can create spelling lists on a broad range of topics, opening a realm of possibilities for users to explore.

From space exploration to ancient civilizations, environmental science, and modern technology, it can accommodate virtually any theme, making vocabulary learning engaging and fun.

Additionally, the GPT is projected to assist in enhancing learners' language proficiency by exposing them to sophisticated words and promoting spelling accuracy.

To use this tool effectively, users must have access to the ChatGPT Plus extension. The developer is Mr. B E Hamilton, who envisages the tool to revolutionize vocabulary learning for students within the stipulated age range while focusing on their interests and varying levels of difficulty.


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