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Sample prompts:
Tell me about the word 'serendipity'.
How can I use 'melancholy' in a sentence?
What does 'resilience' mean?
Explain 'ephemeral' with an example.
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English Word Wizard is a GPT designed to assist users with their understanding and usage of English words. The tool's main purpose involves aiding in the expansion of the user's English vocabulary, giving word meanings, and providing examples of word usage in different contexts.

It is equipped to help with inquiries about specific words. For instance, it can provide explanations and contexts for words like 'serendipity', 'melancholy', 'resilience', and 'ephemeral'.

This GPT can also take a chosen word, provide its meaning, and illustrate how to use that word seamlessly in a sentence. English Word Wizard is a useful tool for anyone looking to improve their knowledge of English words and enhance their ability to communicate effectively in English.

This tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access.


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