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Information simplification for product.
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Puzzle Labs is an AI-powered glossary tool designed to help companies simplify complex information for their customers. The tool enables users to connect documents and blog posts to key concepts in three easy steps: import content, create an intelligent glossary, and publish the Puzzle Widget.

The widget will automatically update when new concepts are added, making customer onboarding and education easier. Puzzle Labs also provides tools to create the best customer education experience possible and help customers learn from the company, not from a search engine.

The tool is compatible with various content formats, including WordPress, Medium, HTML, and markdown. It is available to try for free, and customers can choose from different pricing plans.


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Puzzle Labs was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic widget update
Customer onboarding facilitation
Different pricing plans
Compatible with WordPress
Compatible with Medium
Supports HTML
Markdown support
Provides tools for education
Intelligent glossary creation
Free trial available
Customer education focus
Dynamic glossary conversion
Embedded widget into blogs
Embedded widget into documentation
Keyword highlighting
Content interlinking
Easy concept understanding
Various content formats compatibility
Easy to import content
Customizable concept selection
Easy widget publishing
Auto-updates when concepts added


Doesn't support other languages
Not open-source
No API offered
Limited format compatibility
No offline functionality
High learning curve
Multiple pricing plans
No mobile application
Lacks comprehensive user guide
Absence of real-time collaboration


What does Puzzle Labs do?
How does Puzzle Labs work in simplifying complex information?
What are the three steps involved in using Puzzle Labs?
What is the Puzzle Widget?
How does the Puzzle Widget automatically update?
How does Puzzle Labs facilitate customer onboarding and education?
What content formats is Puzzle Labs compatible with?
Does Puzzle Labs have a free trial?
What are the different pricing plans offered by Puzzle Labs?
What does it mean to create an intelligent glossary?
How is Puzzle Labs different from other customer education tools?
What kind of tools does Puzzle Labs provide for creating the best customer education experience?
How can I import content into Puzzle Labs?
How do I publish the Puzzle Widget on my site?
Can I customize the terms and concepts in the Puzzle Labs glossary?
How does Puzzle Labs help me maintain control over terms that matter to my business?
Does Puzzle Labs support markdown format?
How does the AI technology in Puzzle Labs enhance customer education?
Is there any support provided if I face issues using Puzzle Labs?
Does Puzzle Labs have a privacy policy or terms of service I can refer to?

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