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Customizing global marketing assets.
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GetGloby is a cutting-edge SaaS platform that specializes in translating marketing assets and campaign ads using AI technology. The tool empowers brands to expand their reach and tap into new audiences and markets across the globe.

With the ability to translate into over 100 languages, GetGloby ensures that translations are customized according to each company's unique brand voice, leveraging AI technology to maintain consistency and resonance.One of the key features of GetGloby is its translation engine, which combines machine translation with advanced transcreation capabilities.

This cutting-edge technology considers the nuances of different languages while maintaining the essence and tone of the original content. Furthermore, GetGloby ensures quality by employing native human reviewers who bring their linguistic expertise and cultural insights to ensure accuracy and fluency in the translations.GetGloby's proprietary technology incorporates artificial intelligence, complex linguistic algorithms, and monitoring of search trends to deliver accurate and high-performing transcreations.

The tool utilizes machine learning and natural language processing, including GPT-3, to create Jaga®, the first translation engine developed for media purposes.By bridging language and cultural gaps, GetGloby helps businesses effectively connect with their target audience across different languages and cultures.

Whether it's translating marketing assets for websites, videos, newsletters, or ads on platforms like Google, Bing, LinkedIn, and TikTok, GetGloby offers a comprehensive suite of translation and customization services to help brands resonate seamlessly with global audiences.Overall, GetGloby simplifies the process of international marketing, reducing costs and implementation time while delivering more qualified conversions.


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