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Helping you work with Excel & Google Sheets.
Sample prompts:
How can i calculate the sum of two columns?
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FormelFlow is a GPT designed to enhance your productivity while working with Excel and Google Sheets. Its primary functionality revolves around assisting users in performing complex calculations and manual tasks that require technical understanding of these spreadsheet tools.

This GPT acts as a practical guide, providing suggestions and insights in response to user queries about different spreadsheet operations. Users can input questions or requests, such as 'How can I calculate the sum of two columns?', and the tool will generate straightforward, understandable instructions to guide them through the process.

The GPT operates in conjunction with ChatGPT, a language processing model, and communication with FormelFlow happens in the format of a chat. This makes it a useful tool for those who frequently engage with spreadsheets but might not possess deep technical knowledge about Excel or Google Sheets.

Remember, usage of FormelFlow requires ChatGPT Plus. In summary, FormelFlow GPT makes working with spreadsheet tools more manageable, from basic operations to more complex calculations and tasks.


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