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Excel productivity with efficient formula generation.
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Sheeter.ai is an AI-powered tool that enables users to create complex excel formulas quickly and easily. The tool simplifies the otherwise tedious and time-consuming task of remembering or looking up formulas by automating the process.

With Sheeter.ai, users enter their queries into the search bar, and the tool generates the corresponding formula. Users can copy the formula and paste it into their Excel sheet or download the Sheeter.ai add-on for easy access to the formula.

Sheeter.ai works with both Excel and Google Sheets, which makes it versatile. The tool offers efficiency, transparency, control, and customization to increase productivity and save users time.

Sheeter.ai is highly reliable and focused, making it a useful formula generator on the market that is designed to help users create and manage efficient Excel sheets.

It is also highly customizable to meet specific user needs, such as generating specific formulas or creating entirely new sheets. In addition, the tool is faster and easier to use, making it more reliable than other formula generators available.

Sheeter.ai is user-friendly and accessible for an individual user or a team, making it suitable for anyone looking to streamline their Excel worksheet work.

With a catalog of most popular formulas generated by thousands of users worldwide, Sheeter.ai provides a hub of various formula templates readily available for users' convenience.

The tool is free to try, and users can contact the team for any support needed.

Sheeter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates complex excel formulas
Quickly produces formula from query
Compatible with Excel and Google Sheets
Offers Excel formula add-on
Efficient and time-saving
Enhances productivity
User-friendly interface
Customizable for specific needs
Serves individual and team users
Catalog of popular formulas
Streamlines worksheet management
Faster, reliable than other generators
Free to try
Available support team
Automates formula creation
Features popular user-generated formulas
Improves excel worksheet implementation
Facilitates formula search
Eliminates manual formula creation
Dedicated team of developers
Focused functionality
Transparent usage process


No offline capabilities
Relies on user query input
Limited to Excel and Google Sheets
No multi-language support
Doesn't support other spreadsheet tools
Limited pre-set formula templates
No direct integration with Excel
No formula error resolution
No advanced customization options


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