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Generate formulas for your spreadsheets with AI.
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Sheety.ai is an AI-powered tool designed to generate and solve spreadsheet formulas. Users define their problem, and Sheety.ai uses artificial intelligence to generate the appropriate formula.

This makes it an efficient tool to create complex formulas without having to remember exact syntax or worry about potential errors. In addition to formula generation, Sheety.ai allows users to save and store their formulas in their account, offering the convenience of accessing them from anywhere.

This feature is particularly useful for frequent spreadsheet users who need to reuse or refine their past formulas. Learnings can also be applied from previously generated formulas from other users, as Sheety.ai provides an assortment of latest formulas as examples on its site.

However, please note, usage is limited for anonymous users, prompting for an account creation for unlimited access. Developed and hosted in Switzerland, Sheety.ai emphasizes its attention towards privacy of its users.


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Pros and Cons


Generates spreadsheet formulas
Solves spreadsheet formulas
Error Prevention
Syntax Generation
Formula Storage
Remote Access
Formula Reuse
Community Driven
User Learning
Privacy emphasis
Hosted in Switzerland
Latest formulas examples
Account Creation for unlimited access
Developer Tools
Data Input
Problem Solving


Limited usage for anonymous users
Account creation required
Unclear error prevention measures
Potential privacy concerns
Only for spreadsheet formulas
Formula reuse might be limited
Data input cannot be automated
No mention of version control
Doesn't specify possible language limitations
No information about collaboration features


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How can I save and store my formulas with Sheety.ai?
Does Sheety.ai allow for remote access to my saved formulas?
How does Sheety.ai facilitate formula reuse?
How does Sheety.ai ensure user privacy?
How can I create an account on Sheety.ai?
What's the limitation for anonymous users on Sheety.ai?
Does Sheety.ai offer any developer tools?
How does Sheety.ai assist with data input problems?
How does Sheety.ai promote problem solving?
How does Sheety.ai learn from previously generated formulas?
Is Sheety.ai community driven and how?
What are the latest formulas available on Sheety.ai?
What problem-solving information should users provide to Sheety.ai?
How is the platform hosted and developed?
What privacy measures are taken by Sheety.ai being hosted in Switzerland?


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