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The only Excel formula and VBA AI assistant with human-level expertise.
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Excel Master is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant focusing on Microsoft Excel, specifically around complex formulas and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) tasks.

It provides functionality far beyond other similar programs available, offering a level of understanding that is comparable to a human expert on real-world Excel tasks.

The AI assistant is designed for complex Excel structures and tasks that require in-depth knowledge about Excel formulas and VBA. Employing advanced algorithms and the latest GPT-4 AI models, Excel Master achieves impressive proficiency in both formula and VBA code handling.

The tool fosters collaboration between the user and the AI, often solving even the most difficult problems within several rounds of conversation. It provides assistance in generating and fixing formulas, drafting and refining VBA scripts, explaining existing formulas, providing step-by-step Excel instructions and more.

Furthermore, it serves as an effective learning tool for users looking to improve their Excel formula and VBA coding skills, guiding them through real tasks.

This tool is also already preparing for more advanced future developments, including customized AI functions and data analysis capabilities. Excel Master assures user data security through local analysis of Excel structures and minimal required data transmission.


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Apr 24, 2024
I get this error every time: Analyzing Excel file locally... cannot unpack non-iterable int object I paid for this software and it wont even work please swifty provide a fix.
Apr 25, 2024
Hi Lachy, Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and for your patience. We understand the importance of a seamless experience and are committed to improving our software continuously. We've issued a software update which resolves the issue and are extending additional free use as a token of our appreciation. We're confident in our product's ability to deliver superior formula and VBA code generation. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to provide the best tool on the market.
Apr 16, 2024
Seems very different from other formula bots product, focusing professional Excel users. Worth trying.

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Excel Master was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 13th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Handles complex Excel tasks
In-depth knowledge of Excel formulas
In-depth knowledge of VBA
Uses advanced algorithms
High proficiency in formula handling
High proficiency in VBA code handling
Excells at problem solving
Generates and fixes formulas
Drafts and refines VBA scripts
Explains existing formulas
Provides step-by-step instructions
Effective learning tool
Guides users through real tasks
Data analysis capabilities
Ensures data security
Local analysis of Excel structures
Minimal required data transmission
Better than other bots
Helps in navigation of Excel
Teaches Excel shortcuts
Teaches best practices
Helps with data visualization
Understand users' assignment needs
Explains complex formula
Understands sheet structure
Generates VBA scripts
Refines VBA scripts
Multi turn chats for accuracy
Mapped to real-world tasks
Accurate formula generation
Accurate VBA generation
Cost-effective plans
Free trial available
Strives for precision in tasks
Superior accuracy over competitors
Far better than Microsoft Copilot
Assist in complex structure
Unmatched performance
Scales to more pro functionalities
Proactive assistance


Only for Excel
Specifically for complex tasks
May require multiple iterations
Limited to formula and VBA
Costly GPT-4 API use
Subscription required
Limited GPT-4 responses
Data transmission required
Windows only
No support for older Excel versions


What is Excel Master?
How is Excel Master different from other AI assistants?
Why should I use Excel Master for handling complex Excel tasks?
How efficient is Excel Master in handling complex formulas and VBA tasks?
What AI models does Excel Master use?
How does Excel Master assist in fixing Excel formulas?
How does the AI tool assist in drafting and refining VBA scripts?
Can Excel Master provide step-by-step Excel instructions?
Can Excel Master serve as a learning tool?
Does Excel Master assure data security?
What features make Excel Master stand out from similar programs?
How does Excel Master handle user data security?
Can Excel Master help me with advanced data analysis?
What other future functionalities is Excel Master planning for?
What type of Excel structures can Excel Master handle?
How does communication with Excel Master work, how many interaction rounds are usually needed?
What is GPT-4 integration in Excel Master and what are its advantages?
What level of proficiency does Excel Master achieve in both formula and VBA code handling?
How does the Master help in improving Excel formula and VBA coding skills?
Can Excel Master explain existing Excel formulas?

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