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Enhanced text assistance for diverse domains.
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2Slash is a browser extension that enables AI capabilities in any text field. It allows users to access their own personal AI assistant, offering various functions to enhance productivity.

By typing "//" in a text field or clicking the floating helper, users can activate a popup where they can utilize pre-built commands or create their own commands to perform tasks such as generating code, fixing grammar mistakes, rephrasing text, writing paragraphs, translating, and creating emails.With regards to content and email, users can generate emails, blog posts, articles, and paragraphs, customizing the length of the result and selecting a persona if desired.

For Google Sheets, users can describe the formula they need, and the AI will generate the formula directly in the sheet. In terms of translation, the AI can assist users in becoming multilingual by translating text to various languages.

Additionally, the AI can generate code snippets for minor coding tasks and help users create captivating social media posts using the "tweet" command.2Slash offers different subscription plans, with options for monthly and yearly billing.

The extension is currently available for Chrome, with plans to expand to Firefox and Edge in the future. It utilizes AI models such as GPT-4, GPT-3.5, and offers the experimental option of GPT-4 32K.

The extension is initially free to install and use for a week, after which users can choose from various affordable paid subscriptions.


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