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ByBrian J Picard
Tell ACE your writing needs, get the perfect words.
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Sample prompts:
Let's write a blog about the following: <insert topic here>
Let's write an email to a customer about the following: <insert topic here>
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A.C.E. - The AI Ghostwriter is a GPT that assists in content creation by producing polished, well-structured output in the form of blogs or emails. Housed on the ChatGPT platform, this tool requires users to input three key details: the output type (whether a blog or email), the desired length (for example, between 300-500 words, or as per individual requirement), and the tone of output.

Additional information is also needed in terms of the topic to be addressed, which could range from a product, service, or general subject matter for a blog.

Developed by Brian J Picard, the AI Ghostwriter's function is not limited to merely providing text based on prompts. It is notably distinguished by a thoughtful engagement with the subject matter that equips users with the content to effectively communicate their perspective or message.

The tool is robustly designed to accommodate a myriad of topics and writing styles provided by the user, producing a custom-made final output. Users can sign up to use A.C.E - The AI Ghostwriter, which also requires ChatGPT Plus.

The tool provides prompt starters to stimulate productivity and inspire varied viewpoints. An example includes, 'Let's write a blog about the following: <insert topic here>', providing a user-friendly, productive tool for those seeking assistance in digital content creation.


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