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Speech & text processing API for chat, image generation.
Generated by ChatGPT provides budget-friendly, easy-to-use AI APIs which can be integrated effortlessly into applications. It offers a range of services including a GPT alternative, image creation AI and speech-to-text AI, all accessible via a simple, globally deployed API for optimal response times.

Their Whisper v3 is a state-of-the-art speech recognition AI model capable of efficiently transcribing audio from a variety of sources like podcasts, videos and meetings into text.

They also host an AI model that offers text and chat capabilities, providing performance comparable with ChatGPT at a lower cost. Their text-to-speech AI is capable of producing high-quality, natural-sounding audio at a highly competitive price.’s image creation AI leverages advances in AI image modeling to craft high-quality images, graphics and illustrations quickly. Additionally, they offer a tiered pricing model including a free trial period.


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