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Super Generator: Completing random parameters for you.
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The Midjourney Super Generator is a GPT built on top of ChatGPT. It is primarily designed to generate text based on the parameters provided by the user.

The parameters outlined in the usage instructions have to be input by the user; if not explicitly specified, they are filled in at random to complete the task.

This lends a certain flexibility to the tool, allowing for a range of possible outcomes based on both deterministic and randomized components. The Midjourney Super Generator has been designed by '' and can be accessed via the public channel 'Jinzidexingqiu_AI' on ChatGPT.

As a community-built tool, users are encouraged to sign up to interact and maybe contribute to its development. The Super Generator requires ChatGPT Plus for operation, indicating its reliance on the comprehensive linguistic capabilities of the Plus upgrade of the ChatGPT platform.

The tool greets users with a welcome message and provides prompt starters indicating '', which likely translates to usage guidelines in its context. The Midjourney Super Generator hence seems to have an emphasis on user-driven input in determining the generated output.


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