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Postuby is an AI-powered tool designed to facilitate the creation of eye-catching content, with a focus on e-commerce and social media designs. The platform provides a variety of features to assist in content creation and enhancement.

Its integral tools include 'AI Design Wizard', 'AI Text Wizard', and 'AI Product Shooter'. With the 'AI Design Wizard', users can create ready-to-publish designs without the need for specialised skills.

Meanwhile, the 'AI Text Wizard' can be utilized for text generation and manipulation. The 'AI Product Shooter' tool is designed to bring products to life, creating product images with the help of 3D and AR technologies.

To keep users updated with the market trends, Postuby offers 'Live Social Media Trend Tracking'. It also has solutions tailored for different user types, such as entrepreneurs, e-commerce platforms, and agencies.

Postuby keeps a large directory of ready-made designs, offering more than 35,000 options to choose from. This tool aims to revolutionize the process of creating digital content by leveraging artificial intelligence and simplifying the design process.


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