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Automated text and image content creation and marketing.
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The Ultimate AI Assistant by Peter AI is a beta software that offers over 30 AI tools for text and image generation, text summarization, translation, SEO optimization, and social media content generation.

The software aims to boost productivity by automating output generation while saving time and providing quality content. Users can choose from an array of AI generated tools, generate content based on their inputs, and verify the output for their specific needs.

The software is designed for individuals, startups, and businesses looking to automate their content creation and marketing strategies. Users can access the software by signing up for a free trial with no credit card requirement.

Additionally, the software offers several pricing plans based on usage, ranging from a free plan with limited access to powerful premium plans. The premium plan includes several features such as unlimited projects, 20 team members, and an API access.

Furthermore, the tool generates quality images with its AI model, and users can use its generated creative ideas, reviews, newsletters, hashtags, titles, and descriptions to enhance their content quality.

Overall, the Ultimate AI Assistant by Peter AI aims to help users create high-quality content with minimal effort while providing value for their money.


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