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Boost your productivity with AI-generated content ideas
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-driven platform primarily developed to bolster content creation productivity by generating high-grade content ideas. The solution harnesses advanced artificial intelligence to offer two major services: 'Ideas' and 'Arborescence'.

The 'Ideas' service utilizes a URL provided by the user, analyses it, and then generates keywords and related content ideas. Each idea packaged with three different development directions, serving the user as prompts to kick-start the article writing process.

The 'Arborescence' service, on the other hand uses a single keyword to analyze the top 10 Google results and extrapolate numerous keywords arranged in categories and subcategories.

Each extracted keyword is linked with 10 content ideas along with three development axes, providing a comprehensive pool of content suggestions. Aside from these, the platform also offers a text generation feature.

Users can purchase credits to avail these services with no subscription or commitments. The platform guarantees user satisfaction by proposing a money back feature in case of displeasure with the received orders.

The system is developed and maintained in France, with a dedicated team focused on ensuring user-friendly and optimized experience.


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Pros and Cons


Keywords extraction
Content generation
URL-Based Idea Generation
Single Keyword Arborescence
Three Develop Axes
10 Ideas per Keyword
Text generation feature
No Subscription model
Pay-per-use Model
Money Back Guarantee
Credits Based Pricing
Price Bonus on Packs
Keyword Analysis from Top 10 Google Results
Development and Maintenance in France
Quality Content Suggestions
Easy Ordering Process
SEO Content Boost
Credit Packs for Purchases
Top-Tier Ideas Delivery
Secure Payment via Stripe
Keyword or URL Input
Rapid Content Deliveries
Prompt Development Directions
Fast Registration
Localized Website (French and English)
In-depth Arborescence
Enhanced with External Data
Intensive research Basis
Potential for 1000 Content Ideas
Prompt Engineer for Better Suggestions
1-hour Delivery
1560 Content Ideas per Service
Categorized Keyword Extraction
Optimized User Experience


Dependent on credit system
Only supports URL analysis
Limited to two features
No commitment-free pricing
Content quality dependent on URL
No multi-language support
Tool usage limited to credits
No subscription model
Refund process not immediate
Developed and maintained only in France


What is
How does the 'Ideas' service of work?
What is the 'Arborescence' service offered by
Can I receive content ideas without providing a URL with
How does generate content ideas from a keyword?
What is the text generation feature of
Is there a subscription required to use services?
Is there a money back guarantee offered by
How can I purchase credits for using services on
How does the credit system at work?
Where is developed and maintained?
Who can use
Does offer SEO benefits?
How does analyze the top Google results for keyword extraction?
Are there samples or examples available on how to use services?
How is user experience optimized on
How do I kick-start the article writing process using the 'Ideas' service?
What type of content suggestions does provide?
Is limited to English or does it support other languages?
Are there any special packages or discounts on buying larger credits on

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