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Revolutionize SEO writing with automated AI.
GPT welcome message: Bienvenue! Je suis prêt à créer des articles SEO complets avec mots-clés, images, liens, listes et citations.
Sample prompts:
Ecris un article sur l'alimentation saine
Quels sont les bénéfices du sport quotidien?
Rédige un guide sur le marketing digital
Explique les dernières innovations en technologie
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SEO Article Writer is a GPT that delivers automated writing services with a focus on SEO optimization. This tool leans heavily into the generation of unique, engaging, and most importantly, relevant content aimed at increasing traffic and conversions for various businesses and platforms.

The GPT is trained to create comprehensive SEO articles incorporating essential elements like keywords, images, links, lists, and quotes, all tailored for optimal online visibility and engagement.

The SEO Article Writer is available on the marketplace and requires ChatGPT Plus for operation. This GPT also provides prompt starters, allowing users to directly command the creation of content on certain topics, ensuring flexibility and specificity in content generation.

From health to everyday lifestyle, the tool provides writers with an expansive range of topics. SEO Article Writer is a useful tool for agencies, businesses, content creators, and SEO experts who wish to streamline their content creation process while ensuring their content is SEO-friendly.


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