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ByVilliere Antoine
Autonomously write, think, illustrate, and search the web.
GPT welcome message: Hello, I'm Felix the fox. How can I assist you today?
Sample prompts:
Please write a blog post about AI in education.
How would you code a simple calculator in Python?
Generate an image representing the future of transportation.
Can you search for the latest trends in renewable energy?
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Felix the autonomous AI is a GPT that is specifically designed to perform a great variety of tasks with a high level of independence. It can autonomously write engaging content on various topics, making it a useful tool for individuals in need of content creation support, such as bloggers, journalists, or content marketers.

Beyond that, Felix has the ability to write code, potentially easing the work of developers or individuals learning to code. This GPT also pushes the boundary of AI capabilities by thinking and illustrating, broadening its applicability in diverse fields.

Furthermore, Felix possesses the ability to perform web searches, helping users in their online research tasks. This makes it a highly versatile tool that could be beneficial to researchers, academics, and others who regularly require up-to-date information from the web.

Felix engages users with a personalized welcome message and it is capable of generating results based on given prompts. Sample prompts include requests for blog posts, coding a calculator in Python, generating an image, and conducting a search on the latest renewable energy trends.

However, access to this tool requires sign up and it is understood that it needs subscription to ChatGPT Plus.


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