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Yepp AI is an AI marketing platform that enables marketers to leverage their existing data to create high-quality and insightful content. With over 2,650 platform users and 40+ marketing agencies, Yepp AI is trusted by marketers worldwide.This platform empowers marketers to craft top-notch content effortlessly and at an accelerated pace.

Its AI capabilities allow for content creation that is up to 10 times faster, with over 200,000 drafts already crafted. Yepp AI enables users to generate catchy and high-performing SEO content, making it a valuable tool for marketers looking to enhance their online presence.Additionally, Yepp AI offers features such as the ability to chat with uploaded assets, generate content campaigns all at once, and access marketing templates.

The platform provides different plans and subscriptions to suit various needs, including a standard plan for freelancers and an agency plan for marketing agencies.Users can choose from different billing periods and benefit from features like AI-assisted copywriting, single web page scanning, and the ability to upload various file formats such as PDF, PPTX, TXT, CSV, and DOCX.Yepp AI emphasizes the security of uploaded content, as no files are stored and are only used to create an embedding for the AI assistant.

The platform also offers API access for tailored plans and a free demo to explore its features further.Overall, Yepp AI enables marketers to transform their data into quality content effortlessly, enhancing their marketing efforts and delivering valuable insights.


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Aug 12, 2023
I'm blown away by the capabilities of this AI tool. It's a game-changer
Aug 12, 2023
without a doubt the best AI tool on the market. It's a must have for any modern business
Aug 12, 2023
Use it for last few months and love it!
Aug 12, 2023
Useful, I can custom it for every client

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